Schools’ Projects

Online Learning

                      Academic Year 2020-2021

   After the widespread of covid-19 in areas all over Lebanon and the complete shift to online learning, it became a necessity to adopt
various available methods and coming up with new ones to adapt to the reality that imposed itself on everyone.
Despite all the challenges that the administration, teachers, and students encountered, Al Maymouna educational schools continued to deliver same quality education.
As such, WhatsApp, Google Meet, ProFuturo, Word, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, Paint, Photos, videos, zoom, etc. were used.

Blended Learning

                      Academic Year 2020-2021

   Whenever the health conditions allowed for a face to face learning return, Al-Maymuna Educational schools immediately took the necessary precautions as the Lebanese Ministry of Health indicated in order to welcome the students back.
Students did their exams in school and lectures were conducted both online and face to face which made the blended learning system very effective.

ProFuturo: Technology Integration

  Being part of the partnership between the CCECS and ProFuturo Foundation, Al Maymouna Education Schools benefit from this digital education initiative to improve the access to quality education. This is done through providing digital tablets/equipment and training teachers to implement the technological programs in the schools.


Safe and Sound: Refresher Day

  As one of the schools implementing the psycho-social support project Safe and Sound, Al Maymouna Education School – Al Fakiha has participated in the refresher day to share experiences, address future improvements, and celebrate the closing with the other schools.

Extra-Curricular Activities

 Not only extra-curricular activities complement the educational process but also they are considered to be a fundamental part of the learning journey. They are activities aimed at translating theories
and scientific principles into practical applications and practices that help students acquire information deeply, achieve desired educational goals, discover their talents and determine their favorite subjects.

Book Exchange Campaign

 Due to not having enough copies of textbooks at the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year, the Department of
Al-Maymuna Education School, Berkayel Branch – launched a book exchange campaign among students which helped in providing books to all students.

Coronavirus: Precautions and Next Steps

                    February 21, 2020

Since day one of announcing the 1st case of coronavirus in Lebanon, Al Maymouna Education Schools have taken serious steps to spread awareness among students and parents regarding ways to avoid the virus and how to deal with it upon inspecting any of its symptoms.

Donation from Maliks

                     February 14, 2020

As part of their social responsibility, Maliks have donated 100 bags to Al Maymouna Education to be distributed among the students in order to support them.